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26 Ft. Mobile Veterinary Unit
Year of issue: 2017
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VID: 26-Ft-Mobile-Vet
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  • Medical

    "When shopping for mobile medical units, we found it worth our while to  travel out of state to work with Magnum Mobile in Arizona.   Jody worked with us as we customized our mobile medical units and provided frequent updates -  all  at a fair price.  Thanks Magnum"

    Beth Davenport, RN    BAPTIST HEALTH

  • Spay/Neuter/Adoption & Veterinary

    “Our experience with Magnum was a great one from the start. We were given a tour of the factory and were able to discuss every element of the assembly of our 26 Ft Mobile Spay-Neuter Clinic. Jody personally delivered the bus to our facility in San Diego and gave us detailed instructions regarding operation of the bus. After two years of use we are in love with our Spay Shuttle and Magnum!”

    Dr. Dorothy York – Spay Shuttle for Chula Vista Animal Shelter

  • Medical & Bloodmobile

    "After visiting the Magnum Mobile Factory I had a first hand experience of their products. I must say I was taken in by the quality and range of their products. I decided right there and then to purchase our Mobile Medical Clinic. The Mobile Medical Clinic was delivered on schedule as promised and deployed to Africa helping deliver rural health care to people in need.”

    Dr. Solomon Owumi – Health Foundation for Maternal Childcare


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